2017-05-03 Signal Conditioning Modul, High Precision Grade (0,1% F.S.) SBXC60

2017-03-29 60W 4:1 Wide Input Range with Heatsink SBXC60

2017-03-22 2-3W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output, 8 Pin SIL, 3kV isolation SPAW/SPBW-2-3W

2017-03-20 2W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output, 8 Pin SIL SRBW-2W

2017-01-11 1500mA, DC/DC Step Down Converter, Dimming Function: 0-100% SJD-LED-1500

2017-01-11 2000mA, DC/DC Step Down Converter, Dimming Function: 10-90% SJH-LED-2000

2017-01-11 3000mA, DC/DC Step Down Converter, Dimming Function: 10-90% SJH-LED-3000

2016-09-07 6W DC/DC smallest footprint wide input 2:1 SB-6W Series SCHMID-M and 4:1 SBW-6W Series

2016-09-07 8W DC/DC, ultra wide input 13-70V, 42-176 V SRW-8W Series SCHMID-M

2016-06-02 30W DC/DC , 4:1, dual/singel, Gehäuse 1x1 SNW-30 Series Schmid-M

2016-03-16 10W AC/DC Converter, DIP 15,3 mm high SASD-10 Series SCHMID-M

2016-02-11 power inverter 1000 W (AC-output) SOPIP-1000

2016-02-11 new connector: PCB Jack 1x1, vertical top entry, with LED C04 5A15AEG2

2015-12-02 1W DC/DC Converter, 8kV Isolation SHBA1-05S1H8

2015-08-17 8W DC/DC ultra wide input 13V~70V & 42V~176V, 3000VD SRW-8 SCHMID-M

2015-06-08 Round Connector (3 pin) in metal case SM C10 GX12 38 SCHMID-M

2015-05-06 1W DC/DC Converter, -40~105°C Temperature ST1-Series SCHMID-M

2015-03-27 50W/75W/100W, 66-160 V Input, single regulated SURF1D-QB SCHMID-M

2015-03-26 2W DC/DC Converter, 4:1 Input, regulated single/dual, SIL9 SBW-2 SCHMID-M

2015-03-09 30W AC/DC Converter, multiplexed Output SLM30-00J0512-03E

2015-02-19 1, 2, 3 Watt AC/DC Converter without electric capacitor SLN00-12Bxx

2015-01-19 5~15 Watt DC/DC Converter für Photovoltaic Industry SPVxx-27xxR2 SCHMID-M

2015-01-12 3W, wide input, regulated, isolated, three outputs SURC_D-30WR2 SCHMID-M

2014-12-17 0,25W, high temperature DC/DC Converter, single SB_XT-W2R2 SCHMID-M

2014-12-02 1W high temperature DC/DC Converter, dual/single ST1-1W SCHMID-M

2014-10-22 5W SMD DC/DC Converter, dual/single, dual separated SCW SCHMID-M

2014-10-14 high frequenc:y current sensing Transformer SACST SCHMID-M

2014-08-25 6W DC/DC Converter, 4:1,single regulated, 6kV Isolation SURH_6WR3_EN

2014-08-11 100W AC/DC Converter, SMCP100

2014-06-30 smallest footprint SB-6W Serie

2014-04-29 ultrathin and high efficiency SLI120

2014-03-11 SMD Air Wound Coil SAS-Series

2014-02-19 1W Miniatur SMD DC-DC Wandler SCF0505XT-1WR2
a plug and play completed power supply, -50°C-125°CC
short circuit protection (continous, self recovery)

2014-01-30 SMD-Power Coil SIPC-Serie

2014-01-22 5W wide input range (85~305 VAC) AC-DC Wandlerr
compact size SLD05-23BXX

2014-01-22 10W wide input range (85~305 VAC) AC-DC Wandlerr
compact size SLD10-13BXX

2013-11-17 3W AC-DC (High-Voltage DC/DC) Wandler SLS03-R2S Serie
(green power, low stand by 0,5W)

2014-01-30 SMD-Power Coil SWRB-XXYY-MT-3W

2013-09-16 Ultra wide input range 65~460 VAC AC-DC-Wandlerr SLO10-26D0512-04

AC-DC-Converter for electric meterss
three-phase three wire or four wire open frame
switche-mode power supply
high isolated