Angiela Elektronik

SE100x Series   

Rated voltage: 120/250VAC
Rated current:1A-6A
Constant Current
Operating frequency: DC-60Hz
Temperature Range: HPF25/085/21
Test voltage(1min):
Line to Line 1450VDC
Line to Ground 2000VDC

SBW 9W          

4:1 Single & Dual output,
Highest Power Density In 8 Pin SIP Package
Wide 4:1 Input Voltage Range
Smallest Footprint 9W Converter
-40ºC~+85ºC Operation Temperature Range
Efficiency Up To 89%
I/O Isolation 1600 VDC
Remote On/Off Control
Fully RoHS Compliant

SLD3-120SXX & SLD5-120DXX     

3-5W DC-DC, wide input voltage range 20-240V
Wide Input voltage range (12:1) 
Typical Efficiency:80% 
Switching frequency:300KHz
Short circuit protection,Self-furbish 
Input-output isolate 1500VDC 
PCB Board in-line type installs 
Metal case, Low Output Ripple

SK78xx-1000R3(L) Series& SK78xx-500R3 Series    

Supports negative Output only by switching pins 2 and 3
Wide input voltage , non-isolated & regulated single output
High efficiency up to 96% & 95 %
No-load input current as low as 0.1mA % 0.2mA
Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃
Support the negative output
Output short circuit protection
Pin-out compatible with LM78XX linear regulators
Meets UL60950, EN60950 standards

S02D-6A Series   

Output current up to 6A
Input range 2.4 VDC to 5.5 VDC, 8.3vdc to 14 VDC
High efficiency – 94% @5.0 vin 3.3v  full load
89% @12.0Vin 3.3V Full Load
Input under-voltage lockout
SIP packages
Compliant to RoHs EU directive 2002/95/ec
Small size and low profile : 22.9 x 10.2 x 5mm
Output voltage programmable from 0.75 VDC to
3.3 VDC, 0.75 VDC to 5 VDC via external resistor

SDAE 3 Series   

3W Unregulated,  3kVDC isolation, SIP7 Package  
3000Vdc isolation voltage  
High efficiency  
Operating temperature range -40 C to +85 C  
Short circuit protection


1W Unregulated Single & Dual output, 4,2kVDC isolation
SMD 8Pin / 10Pin Package
4200 VDC High Isolation
Efficiency up to 78%
-40 ~ 105°C Operation Temperature Range
Rated working voltage for 250Vrms and 400Vdc
Low coupling capacity
Qualified for Lead-free Reflow Solder Process
According to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1
Tape & Reel Package Available


1.2W, Fixed input voltage, non-isolated & regulate single output
Low ripple
0-600V continuous output with linear adjustable function
Output short circuit, over-current protection
Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃
CE meet CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS A, without external components
RE meet CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS B, without external components

SM7W Series   

15W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output
 Ultra Wide 4:1 Input Rang
 3000 VDC Isolation
 No Minimum Load Required
 Efficiency up to 90%
 Extended Operating Temperature Range -40~100c max
 Adjustable Output VOltage
 Remote On/Off Control (CTRL)
 Continuous Short Circuit Protection
 Over Current Protection
 Over Voltage Protection
 Soft Start
 Built-in EMI Filter meets EN55032 ClassA without external components


STxxxxP Series   

Four-terminal isolation (signal input, signal output, power supply and output of power supply are mutually isolated)
High precision grade (0.1% F.S.)
High linearity (0.1% F.S.)
Isolation voltage (2.5KVDC/60s)
Extremely low temperature drift (50PPM/°C, within ~40 to +85°C)
Industrial grade (range of operating temperature: ~40 to +85eC)
High reliability (MTBF >500,000 hours)
Low ripple & noise: İ30mVp-p
ESD protection (IEC/EN61000~4~2 Contact ±4KV perf. Criteria B)

SBXC60-24S2WHS Series   

60W 4:1 Wide Input Range with Heatsink
High Power Density
High Efficiency
Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +85C
Output Short Circuit Protection
Hiccup, continuous & Auto Recovery
Output Over Voltage Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Fixed switching Frequency
Input/Output Isolation 1.5 KVdc
Shielded Metal Case with Insulated Baseplate
Lead Free Design, RoHS Compliant
Industry Standard Pinout
Adjustable Output Voltage

SPAW/SPBW Series   

2-3W Wide input range
Lead free
1500-3000VDC isolation
Single in line package
Up to 2-3W regulated output power
No external components required
Internal filtering
100% Burn in
High Efficiency
UL 94V-0 Package material
Custom Solutiond Available
ROHS Compliant

SRBW Series   

2W 4:1 Regulated Single & Dual output
8 Pin SIL
Wide 4:1 Input Range
Full SMD Technology
1600 VDC Isolation
Continuous Short Circuit Protection
Internal filtering
Efficiency up to 79%
-40°C ~ 85°C Operation Temperature Range
Remote on/off Control

SJD-LED-1500 Series   

Dc-Dc Step-Down Converter
Constant Current
High Power LED Driver
Wide Input Voltage Range
High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
Remote Control Function :
Dimming Function :
100% Burn in
PWM / Analog Voltage control (0~100%)
24 Pin Dip With Industry Standard Package And Pinout

SJD-LED-2000 Series   

Dc-Dc Step-Down Converter
Constant Current
High Power LED Driver
Wide Input Voltage Range
High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
Remote Control Function : Logical Level
Dimming Function : PWM control (10~90%)
PWM / Analog Voltage control (0~100%)
Industry Standard Package And Pinout

SJD-LED-3000 Series   

Dc-Dc Step-Down Converter
Constant Current
High Power LED Driver
Wide Input Voltage Range
High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
Remote Control Function : Logical Level Control
Dimming Function : PWM control (10~90%)
Industry Standard Package And Pinout